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SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research can be considered as a vital tool for the business sites to acquire high visibility in the search engines. It’s in fact can be dubbed as the “foundation of SEO”. A keyword research is necessary as it helps to understand the actual customer psychology when they start searching online about the specific products or services that you provide for. The research work here would bring forth the actual terms your typical target audience type to find out the typical services online and even reveal about the spelling mistakes they make while searching. Thus, a keyword research helps you to delve into your potential client’s shopping behavior and a site designed on that is sure to get the optimum visibility whenever a search is made for the relevant products or services.


How Does The SEO Book Keyword Tool Work?

This keyword tool was built on a custom database we have compiled over the past four years. We researched data from the (now defunct) Google Search-Based Keyword Tool and also looked at a few more recent data snapshots to refresh the database and enhance our keyword coverage. Our database contains 28,527,279 keywords representing 13,762,942,253 monthly searches. Our database is primarily composed of English language keywords.

This database was built using data from BEFORE Google required active ad accounts to get good keyword data & before they started blending data together for similar terms. Even if you set up an AdWords account and spend significant sums of money with them, they may require you to run your ad campaign for 3 or 4 months straight before they will show reasonably precise data instead of exceptionally broad data ranges.


  • Keyword - the word that was searched for, or other related terms returned by the tool. Clicking on a word in this column will perform a new keyword search using that term as the seed keyword.
  • Monthly Searches - estimated number of monthly web searches for the term in the United States across Google, Bing & Yahoo!
  • Daily Searches - monthly searches divided by 30
  • Google - the daily search count estimate for Google searches on that term across the United States. It also contains links to Google's US & UK search results for that particular keyword term.
  • Bing + Yahoo! - estimated daily US searches for a term across Bing & Yahoo!. This column also contains links to the Bing & Yahoo! search results for the associated keyword.
  • CPC - estimated keyword bid price for the associated keyword if you were to bid to buy traffic on this term on Google. Please note ad auction prices vary widely over time due to seasonality & there are also other issues which impact click pricing.